Dr. John La Pietra is a certified Hypnotherapist. He is the founder of “The Center for Self-Improvement, Hypnotherapy & You/Top View Seminars.”
Dr. John A. La Pietra,CHT
Top View Seminar

Dr. John La Pietra offers to you, in his Seminars, a special and unique opportunity for personal insight and personal Growth. His Seminars and Presentations are extremely Inspirational, Practical, Empowering and Energizing. He is a very dynamic speaker with a very powerful message for you. Dr. La Pietra's main focus is on Self-Improvement and teaching Natural Laws that will inspire you toward a more Fulfilled Life.

Dr. La Pietra is a familiar speaker at the Annual International Hypnotherapy Conference. Some of his past speaking topics include the following, which are also available for purchase on CD or cassette: - Dynamic Mental Laws For Successful Living - Your Power to Choose - Keys to Moving Ahead with Definiteness, Purpose, Habit and Hypnosis - The Subconscious, Feeling and Emotion - The Power Of The Spoken Word - Hypnosis and Manifesting Your Heart's Desire -The Importance of Positive Mental Images And You - - The Law of Expectancy and Hypnotic Suggestions- "Dynamic Mental Laws For Successful Living " is a presentation that will give a broad overview of the specific mental laws for successful living. Identify Specific Mental Laws of cause and effect that when applied will allow you to live a more successful life. Our lives are about creating! The question is what is it that you want to create? To know the answer to this question is the first step in having what you want. Also, Concepts of Universal Principles and Natural Laws are discussed. "Your Power to Choose" is a presentation that centers upon "Effective" choices for your well-being. Negative, positive and right thinking concepts will be explored. Remember, up to now, you have only done what your level of awareness has allowed. "Keys to Moving Ahead with Definiteness, Purpose, Habit and Hypnosis." This presentation focuses upon possibilities for individual achievement and greatness. Viewpoints of definiteness of purpose, habit and hypnosis are explored. Universal principles and natural laws are touched upon. "The Subconscious, Feeling and Emotion" presentation explores many ideas and facts that are related to the subconscious mind. As always, universal principles and natural laws are included. "The Power Of The Spoken Word." Learn more on how you can strengthen and reinforce the "Power of Words"! Universal principles and natural law concepts are included in this presentation as well. "Hypnosis and Manifesting Your Heart's Desire" Learn more about how you can manifest your hearts desire. This presentation highlights the profound value of hypnosis and universal principles and natural laws. "The Importance of Positive Mental Images and You" This presentation is designed to Inspire Individuals to take direct action through forming positive mental images coupled with constructive hypnotic suggestions. " The Law of Expectancy and Hypnotic Suggestions" , presentation will cover a variety of concepts relating to The Law of Expectancy, The Power of the Mind and Hypnotic Suggestions. Natural Law concepts and Universal Principles are also included.

All of his seminars have been well received with positive feedback. Some of the testimonials he has received came from The Breakfast Club of Los Angeles, Rangers Breakfast Club, Los Angeles Hankook Middle/High School, and Minority AIDS Project.

Dr. John A. La Pietra is available for Professional Seminars and workshops for your Business, Corporation, and Social groups. The main focus is on self-improvement and learning natural laws that will teach you to become all you were designed to be. These Seminars and workshops are designed to benefit each individual in attendance and in effect benefit their families, work place, and their communities. Dr. John A. La Pietra is also available for private consultations.